Why USS?

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    Quality Supplies

    USS delivers brand name supplies that parents/teachers trust to provide reliable performance, resulting in higher participation in your back-to-school kit program.

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    Excellent Service

    USS will deliver supply kits directly to your school. In some geographic regions, USS can divide them by grade level in a central location (such as a gym/cafeteria) or deliver supplies in bulk directly to classrooms.

    School Supplies
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    Lower Cost

    USS keeps overhead costs low and buys supplies at the right time, from the right source, and in bulk quantities. Our prices are typically lower than what parents would pay at retail stores, even before accounting for time/gas. This increases parent participation and results in more quality supplies in the classroom.

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    Experience Serving Tens of Thousands of Students, Parents and Teachers

    USS will review your draft supply list and let you know if there are opportunities to reduce costs.

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    Promotional Support

    USS provides the tools you need to communicate the benefits of a supply program, including email reminder templates and reminder flyers.

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    Student Accessories

    USS offers parents the convenient option of purchasing popular student accessories at attractive prices.

    • L.L.Bean / High Sierra / Swiss Tech / Eastsport Backpacks
    • Thermos Water Bottles and Food Jars
    • High Sierra Lunch Bags
    • Panasonic / Logitech / Bass Jaxx Headphones
    • Plastic and Cloth Nap Mats
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    Teacher Kits and Front Office Supplies

    USS can also provide your teachers/front office staff with items such as staplers, binder clips, electric pencil sharpeners, and manila folders.

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